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     Our calendar fills up quickly, so order early to ensure a spot on our schedule.  Weddings a year ahead please.  All other orders up to three months ahead please.  To order, call our main line at 570-648-9925.   

 FB posts or text messages to our shop cell phone are not automatically considered an order.   An order is not considered complete until we speak with you over the phone at 570-648-9925, have all your order details and receive a down payment (if required). Down payments may be made in person at the shop with cash or credit card, or over the phone by card. We no longer accept personal checks.  

     You are welcome to FB post on our business page or text us questions or comments, and we will reply as soon as possible.  We do our best to stay on top of these forms of communication,  however we are not constantly monitoring them.  If you do not receive a reply within two business days,  please call 570-648-9925.   We do not take the shop cell phone home with us after business hours. If we receive a message during non-business hours, we will most likely not respond until our next business day.  

      Wedding dates are best secured a year in advance.   Wedding dates fill up fast, so we suggest that you book early.  A $100 nonrefundable down payment is required to secure the date.  Please see our wedding details using the "WEDDING INFORMATION" tab at the top of the page.   2024 is open with a few dates already taken.  


Please keep these guidelines in mind, but if we become booked beforehand, we will not take more orders. 

  •  14 day or more notice for large custom orders,  all tier cakes and any decorated cakes with fondant.  A down payment is required and will  be determined.  Right now, we are doing only minimal fondant work.    
  •  7 day or more notice for all other orders.  At the very least : Tuesday and Wednesday orders should be placed by 5 pm previous Thurs.   Thurs, Fri and Sat orders should be placed by previous Thurs.  We will certainly fit in orders under these time limits as the schedule allows and at our discretion.   A partial or full payment may be required and will be determined.  
   To expedite the ordering process, please have the following information available. We will guide you through the process and gladly provide suggestions and further information about our products.
  • Day,  Date, and Time you would like to schedule your order pickup:  Our hours are 9-5 Tues thru Fri            and  9-4 Sat.   We are closed Sundays and Mondays.  During certain super busy special occasion weekends, such as communion and graduation weekends, we may offer later hours or Sunday pickup.  Special holiday hours will be determined.  If you need to come earlier than you scheduled on pickup day, please call first to see if your order is done.  In order to provide the freshest products possible and fit in as many orders as possible, our schedule runs very tight , so showing up early, even by 15 minutes, throws us off. If you need to come later than scheduled but before closing time, that is no problem.
  •  Contact- first and last name of person placing order:  Both names please.  This helps us to get to know our customers' names, and also helps when we have multiple orders under the same first or last names. To avoid confusion, if you send someone else to pick up, please tell them what name order is under, scheduled pickup time and what specific items they are picking up.  Only the original contact(client) who placed order may make changes or cancel an order.
  • Contact- phone number:  number most likely to reach you at or leave you a message - personal cell or home. If cake, etc. is a surprise, please let us know and in that case,  do not give a shared number.  We may use this number to call, text, or to send a copy of your order form for confirmation.  We would also use this number to contact you in case of a forgotten order pickup. 
  • Size or number of servings: Please see size options  listed on our menu page
  • Flavor(s):  cake, icing, etc.   Please see our menu page for options
  • Any inscription/writing:  message and detailed spelling of name(s), ages, etc.
  • Decorating details:  any certain colors(please provide color swatch), decoration, edible image, cake kit, etc. If you'd like to send inspiration pictures, we will provide a cell number to send them to. Please send actual picture, not a link. Also, include your name and date for order pickup/delivery. Keep in mind these pictures are someone else's work. Cake decorating is an art. We do not guarantee anything EXACTLY the same as in pictures. We will use them as an inspiration foundation, using our own creative interpretation, molds, cake pans, color dyes, sprays, cutters, and skills while adding our Rita's Bakeshop touch to them.  If you absolutely need something done EXACTLY as in a picture, please contact the original designer/baker/decorator.

     Upon pickup or delivery, please inspect that any wording and spelling is correct, that correct number of products and sizes are given and that decorating is to your approval. We may ask for signature approving receipt of products as ordered and in acceptable condition.



    Once an order(cake/pies/pastries/cookies) leaves Rita's Bakeshop's counter in client's or client's representative's possession, we are not responsible for it.  Be sure to take perishable items to refrigeration immediately. Do not leave any cakes/ desserts sit in vehicle while running other errands. Keep all layer cakes, tier cakes and all cakes with filling or cream cheese icing in the refrigerator until time to display. Be sure air conditioning is on inside the cake/dessert display room during warm weather and room is not humid or above 68 degrees.    If you plan on traveling with ANY cake, keep in the refrigerator until travel time. Keep air conditioner on as cold as possible in vehicle during warm/hot weather.   In cold weather, keep cake cool.   Do not place cake near heat in vehicle or inside buildings.  Make sure cakes or other bakery items are not sitting in the sunlight.  Carry carefully with two hands, keeping all cakes, pies and pastries flat and level at all times. Do not place cakes and desserts on vehicle seats.  Flat back of an SUV or on flat vehicle floor is always best.   If you are unsure about transporting or storing your desserts, please consult with us. If schedule allows, we may be able to deliver.  We will do our best to deliver within a certain time period, but, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time. $2 per mile per our phone "Maps", round trip, delivery to main entrance/door,  $5 minimum fee.   Does not include set up.  



     Tuesday  9-5
     Wednesday 9-5
     Thursday 9-5
     Friday 9-5
     Saturday 9-4
    Closed Mondays and Sundays




                                                                               2023 SPECIAL DATES :  

                                                              some additional closed dates will be added (TBD)                           

                                     CLOSED-    THURS NOV 23  (THANKSGIVING DAY) ,   NOV 24 OPEN AT 12, 

                                                DEC 24 CLOSE AT 1PM,    CLOSED  DEC 25TH TO DEC 28TH , 

                                                                               DEC 29 OPEN AT 12PM                                                                                                                                                              DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE


      Payment in full is expected at time of pickup.   If a delivery (other than wedding), full payment including any delivery fee must be made no less than four days prior to delivery.  

Down payments are required on large orders, tier cakes and wedding cakes.   Refundable deposits (in cash) are required on rented stands, fountain, cake plates and pillars.  

We accept  CASH,  VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMEX credit card.   We participate in LOURDES " TUITION SENSE" program.   Rita's Bakeshop gift certificates are available in any amount and redeemable for any purchase, including crafts.   


NO CHECKS (unless with prior special approval from Rita with no previous returned checks)

Anyone who has placed an order in the past and not picked it up, will be required to prepay in full when placing another order.  


     Please let us know as soon as possible of need to cancel or postpone an order.  If you cannot pick it up, please give us at least a two- day notice.    If a down payment was placed,  a refund, partial refund or store credit will be determined, depending on how much work was started, if any products were already special ordered, and how much notice was given. If postponing an order, entire down payment made, will still hold for a new date, within 60 days from original date.


     We certainly make our share of mistakes,  but we certainly always want our customers to be happy!    If you are disappointed with the quality of any of our products or services, we would appreciate the chance to make it right.   Please politely let us know as soon as possible, and we will take care of it promptly.  Keep in mind, we are not responsible for transportation/carrying  mishaps once the item(s) leave the shop counter in client or client's representative's possession.  However, we will gladly try to fix it for you, within reason.  


   Our main social media presence is this website and Facebook .  "Like" us and follow our FB page for our weekly specials, special promotions and contests, and other Rita's Bakeshop news.  Also, on Wednesdays, check out our weekly ad in the local "News Item" newspaper.  Rita's Bakeshop reserves any rights to use any photographs of any finished cakes or any baked goods made by Rita's Bakeshop for advertising/promotion/inspiration without compensation.


We accept official typed donation requests from our loyal customers for local legitimate fundraisers. Please allow at least a two week notice.  Since we get many requests,  we give a small gift certificate or baked good donation ( at our discretion).   We do not give monetary donations.  Please drop off your request with contact number at our counter and we will contact you when to pick up donation.  




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